“Pandora brings together the scale and targeting we need to grow our audience.”

Kira Wampler, Chief Marketing Officer, Lyft Play Now

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Find inspiration in these examples, curated by Pandora.


Audio + Tap to App Banner

Motel 6® | All Killer, No Filler | Local

Some of the most compelling audio ads on Pandora are ones that acknowledge the audience and tie into their music experience. This example for Motel 6 demonstrates how a brand can utilize the power of audio to tailor their message for the Pandora environment, and drive traffic to their app.




Branded Radio

Gatorade® G Series | Warm-Up, Workout, Cool Down | National

Gatorade created three distinct branded stations to exemplify each product line of the new G Series. As one of Pandora’s native advertising solutions, Branded Radio is a powerful tool to build the sound of your brand and engage fans. This gave Gatorade the opportunity to interact with listeners organically while providing unique, curated stations that users can enjoy indefinitely.




Animated Overlay

Showtime® Shameless | Season Premier | National

Pandora is an unexpected and effective platform for video ads. Showtime utilized Pandora’s video product to deliver a full-screen experience in a clean, clutter free environment to Pandora listeners in their target demographic. With an ad experience that organically blended into the Pandora platform, Showtime was able to successfully increase awareness of its show, Shameless.




Welcome Interstitial

Nike® | Free Your Run | National

Pandora’s mobile interstitial ad product provides first impression, full-screen delivery for advertisers. The interstitial allows advertisers to showcase beautiful mobile creative. Nike took advantage of this impactful mobile product with an artistically arresting video that appeared upon launch of the app.




Audio Everywhere

TriHonda Dealers | Honda® Accord | Local

Pandora display ads only deliver upon engagement, while audio products are effective at reaching multi-tasking listeners on-the-go, whether at home, at work or in the car. TriHonda Dealers harnessed the benefits of both products cross-platform with Audio Everywhere, and through Pandora’s precision targeting their tailored tri-state message hit just the right audience.




Pandora Presents

| Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited | New Pentastar® V6 Engine | National

A natural extension of Pandora’s online experience of personalization, discovery and connection, Pandora Presents connects bands, brands and fans in a live event. By using data to identify hot up-and-coming artists trending in an area, Pandora Presents and Jeep brought fans in Atlanta, Los Angeles and Chicago a free concert. From a Jeep pre-show tailgate, pre and post-event custom content, and cross-platform media, Jeep tapped into the power of music to reach their audience.

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